Automotive Full-SiC Power Modules


Automotive Full-SiC Power Modules are a series of power modules developed and launched by BASiC Semiconductor for the main traction inverter of new energy vehicles. This series currently includes Automotive HPD SiC MOSFET Module Pcore™6 (6 Dies-in-Para & 8 Dies-in-Para), Automotive DCM SiC MOSFET Module Pcore™2, Automotive TPAK SiC MOSFET Module Pcore™1 and Automotive ED3 SiC MOSFET Module Pcore™2. Utilisation of the latest processes in SiC MOSFET packaging such as silver sintering process helps to improve the conversion efficiency of the power inverter, thus increase the energy efficiency and range of new energy vehicles.

Product Advantage


High Power Density

High Reliability

High Junction Temperature

Low Stray Inductance

Low Thermal Resistance


This series covers voltage classes of 750V/1200V and a current range of 200A~950A.

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