Dr Weiwei He, General Manager of BASiC, Honored with the Shenzhen Youth Science and Technology Award

Issuing time:2023-11-15 17:03

Recently, the Office of the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Award Committee announced the proposed awards of the 2023 Shenzhen Science and Technology Award, and Dr Weiwei, General Manager of BASiC Semiconductor, won the Shenzhen Youth Science and Technology Award. Shenzhen Science and Technology Award includes Natural Science Award, Technological Invention Award, Science and Technology Progress Award, Youth Science and Technology Award, Patent Award and Standard Award, with a total of 8 candidates and 140 projects awarded.


Shenzhen Science and Technology Award is the most influential science and technology innovation award in Shenzhen. Among them, the Youth Science and Technology Award is a special award established by the Shenzhen Municipal Government to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of scientific and technological workers. The recipients are young people working in scientific and technological branches below 38 years old and have made significant, innovative achievements and outstanding contributions in the field of natural science research or technological innovation and industrialisation.


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