BASiC Semiconductor awarded National-level "Little Giant" Enterprise Recognition

Issuing time:2023-07-15 16:36

On July 14, Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprises Service Bureau released the fifth batch of Specialized, Refined, Distinctive and Innovative "Little Giant" enterprises approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. BASiC Semiconductor Ltd. was successfully selected and awarded the National-level Specialized, Refined, Distinctive and Innovative "Little Giant" Enterprise Recognition.


"Specialized, Refined, Distinctive and Innovative" refers to enterprises with specialized, refined, characteristic, and innovative development features. These "Little Giant" enterprises are located in the core areas of the industry and key links in the industrial chain, with outstanding innovation capabilities, mastery of core technologies, high market share in niche markets, and good quality & efficiency. They are the core force of high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises, promoting their healthy growth and ultimately becoming "giants" in the industry or region.

Since its establishment, BASiC has always adhered to independent innovation, mastering SiC core technologies such as chip design, wafer fabrication, packaging test, and driver circuits, owning over 200 intellectual property rights. The company has put into production a dedicated production line for automotive-grade SiC power modules and a 6-inch automotive-grade SiC chip production line. The automotive SiC power modules independently developed by BASiC has been designated by nearly 20 vehicle manufacturers and Tier1 motor controller vendors, that make BASiC become one of the leading companies in the domestic mass production of SiC modules. BASiC’s SiC power devices using self-developed chips have been shipped in more than 30 million pieces, serving hundreds of global customers in fields such as enewable power generation, electric vehicles, locomotive traction, industrial drives, smart grids, etc.

The award of Specialized, Refined, Distinctive and Innovative "Little Giant" Enterprise is a high recognition by the national authorities and the industry, and also an important milestone in the development of BASiC. BASiC will continuously enhance product core competitiveness, and contribute technological strength to promote industry development and social progress.

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